It will make you spend more

because you will justify the spending in order to get the free ticket. Now, IF you only do utilities, gas, etc and not eating out or that other stuff, do it carefully, also, you can cancel the card if you take the trip before the year is up and not pay the $99. We have done this with several card and it worked. We did it for Southwest and Amex to get 48,000 points we used at a Hyatt. But we have the money in the bank already to pay for the charges. At least Southwest is one of the easiest airlines to get free tickets one.

We did try priceline last year when we were going to go but our bid wasn’t excepted

It was about $75 less per ticket then what the airline was charging. The problem is that since there are only 3 airlines that fly into Midland, we kind of get screwed on prices. I think in orger to get a good deal on priceline it would have to be last minute. Priceline doesn’t deal with Southwest (as at least I think they don’t) so that leaves us with two airlines. It’s just not a competetive market.

I think we have decided to get the card. We KNOW we won’t use it if we can’t pay it off before interest charges apply and we are disiplined enough to use it that way. I know for others they can’t do that, but we aren’t tempted that way.

We most likely can’t use the card for this trip for two of the tickets because as of right now it would cost us 57,360 miles for two tickets. The sign up bonus is 50,000, so that would mean we would need to charge more. And we wonder if the cost would go up more by the time we have the 50,000 points to spend. I am thinking the 50,000 isn’t available to use until after the 3 months. But even if we have one ticket less to buy it’s worth the $99 annual fee. Plus, if we continue to use it to pay bills (and christmas coming up…we have a fund for it so we will replace the money on the card) we will rack up some points from time to time. I am planning to call the card today and ask for any loop holes, gimmicks, and terms today to make sure it’s worth it. If it didn’t have the annual fee I wouldn’t even care to be honest. I know we won’t abuse it. I haven’t canceled any of our other cards but we don’t use them. Outside of our mortgage and our oldest son’s braces (and the braces are paid off) we are debt free and have been for a couple of years.