We thought about it a bit and realized it’s all

biodegradable and that the cat fur would be an excellent source of various nutrients for the soil. It also may help keep gophers and moles away because we are certain there would be some smell of the cats on it, even if we can’t smell it.

Kind of like putting human hair on a garden to keep deer away or using zoo poo to fertilize with to keep all sorts of animals away from your garden.

OH come on

I joined this blog a few months ago to try and keep a friend from making a leap into an MLM. This blog has offered me some great advice – get cash loans at RTLoans! Its too bad but I was unable to convince her to not do it. I cant believe people come on here saying NO THIS ONE IS UNIQUE. Give me a break. So now you are a travel agent??????? Just another scam like the rest. What you leave out is all the money you have to put in and all the people you have to sign up to get the great “PERKS”. Perks are given to an individual as an added incentive. Not to be confused with “spend this much and we give you this”!!!!

I usually only lurk as I hope to convince my dear friend that she made a mistake before she loses so much money. I was given great advice here.

Thanks for those that stay and warn others and support others. Why join this blog and come here and lay on the crapola. WE DONT CARE. YOU ARE NOT UNIQUE and neither is your SCAM you are peddling. No one here is going to jump in. We are the smart ones!

You might have noticed that

I’m not as chatty as normal lately, that’s because my entire family has been in a huge deep cleaning mood and I find myself more interested in culling things than chatting right now. This too shall pass I am certain.

As a result of this deep cleaning urge dh purchased me an early Christmas/birthday gift, while it was on sale. A new Wind Tunnel vacuum. It is the first new vacuum I’ve had in roughly 25 years. The one he had brought up from the garage ate belts like there was no tomorrow, about 1 an hour. It didn’t take us long to figure out that could get VERY expensive, very quickly. So when these wind tunnel ones went on sale, he purchased me one.

We couldn’t believe how much it sucked up from a carpet we’d vacuumed just the day before with the old sweeper. Ds was so impressed with the sweeper he went and purchased him one for upstairs on the same sale. We’ve been vacuuming fools ever since and still at it. It’s a bagless, and we’ve been dumping the cup on the garden to add to the layers for next spring. At the rate we’ve been going we’ll save the cost of the vacuums just on not having to purchase belts, bags and garden soil. LOL!

We need to spend a “run weekend” this weekend ie: a run to the dump with both trucks (it’s been over 6 months since our last trip), a run to the recyclers, a run to the charity drop off. Where do we get so much stuff when we aren’t buying anything—except the two sweepers and burn our burnable trash?

I’m still plugging away at the Best Buy bill and running budget numbers constantly to make sure we are on track for our total credit card payoff by early summer. It’s coming together so well I worry Murphy is going to sock it to us bad when we least expect it. I’m definitely not counting my chickens before they hatch, but for those of you who have doubts about your own debt payoff plan, do know it DOES all come together a lot faster toward the end. Our basic snowball money is letting us make triple payments on BB right now and that’s besides the extra sweet feed I’m giving the gazelle. A bill really drops quickly when you are making triple to quadruple payments on it each month.

We have so many variables in our budget between now and January 31 that could make a huge difference in how quickly we get cc debt free I’m nervous about it. So I keep checking balances, projected budget and such almost daily.

While we have loosened up a little on the purse strings about eating out, we are limiting it to once a week and it’s generally off the $1 menu or with a b1g1 coupon or both. LOL!

Sunday we needed a break and the weather was gorgeous so we spent a little on fuel and drove the back roads to run our errands instead of the shortest route. It was nice to just enjoy the day, even if it was running errands. We are planning another staycation as soon as the trees start changing color good. We’ll do a fall foliage tour complete with a picnic lunch and maybe going to play dominoes at dbil’s while we are out.—Big plans right? It works for us. LOL!

Did three blog posts this last week. If you missed them the final one refers to the other two with hyper links to them so you can click on the link below and get all three.