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We just watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I had a rough 2 years that really knocked me for a loop. It had gotten so bad to shop I had to use the handicap cart and I now have a handicap placard. After they found the kidney stone embedded and blocking my kidney and my kidney very enlarged and infected they did 2 different surgeries just on my kidney. Never mind the dental that had to surgically remove 4 back teeth and rebuild the bone since it turns out I was having on and off dental infections but for the 2 years I was on and off so many antibiotics so I never really felt the infections but the bone was pitted with remnants of infections. Any way it is time to get my life back

My husband and I are starting the Juicing reboot in the morning. Went to the farmers market today to get organic produce. Yikes is all I can say. We live on a very tight budget of $300 a month for grocery including Food, Paper, HBA and pet. The $300 does not include the #10 cans we get some months for long term. There is 6 of us, 4 dogs, 4 cats and a gold fish living in Southern Cali on a small city lot so this diet could get expensive fast. We have already ripped out our front yard and as we had money been putting stuff in. We keep loosing some from the pesky pocket gophers. We have been getting stuff off freecycle to set up our back yard with a garden area. We have to fence it off since we have cats and dogs and today we are picking up a gate from freecycle. If it was not for freecycle we would not be able to do as much as we are trying to do.

I guess even though Southern Cali is expensive to live at least we have growing weather all year long. We have a Mayer lemon tree with is usually full each year. We should have a good amount or persimmons from our tree we planted about 7 years ago. Our pomegranate tree we planted 2 years ago gave us our first and only pom so far. Hope we get more next year. Our neighbors behind us has a cherimoya tree that is full and hanging over our fence and the guy next doors avocado tree is full and a good part of it is over our fence. He is so funny when there are so many avocados and he does not think we are taking enough he will leave some on our door. So I guess there are some trade offs.

I know some are going to say how can you make it on $300 but we use lots of coupons, look for real deals, cut our meat eating back, use cloth diapers, make our own laundry detergent and more. The only help we get is WIC which amounts to 3 gallons and 1 qt milk, 2 whole grains (bread, rice, oatmeal or tortillas), 2 bottles juice, 2 boxes cereal, 1 lb cheese, 1 dz eggs, 1 jar peanut butter and $6 produce a month.

Also since there are fruit trees everywhere there is so much wasted food here that a site was started called fallen fruit. It maps out areas where fruit is hanging over public space and falling and rotting. This does help too. From time to time they even have fruit tree giveaways. We have an orange tree in the front that we hope will start giving oranges in the next few years we got form them for free.

We thought about it a bit and realized it’s all

biodegradable and that the cat fur would be an excellent source of various nutrients for the soil. It also may help keep gophers and moles away because we are certain there would be some smell of the cats on it, even if we can’t smell it.

Kind of like putting human hair on a garden to keep deer away or using zoo poo to fertilize with to keep all sorts of animals away from your garden.

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but since a lot of you aren’t face book friends I thought I’d share this idea with you. It’s for storing your seeds where you can quickly and easily see what seeds you have on hand. The suggestion was to use a three ring binder and baseball card sleeves to organize and sort your seeds. It’s definitely something I’m going to see how much it would cost me to do. I’ve got so many seeds and need an efficient way to sort them.