We thought about it a bit and realized it’s all

biodegradable and that the cat fur would be an excellent source of various nutrients for the soil. It also may help keep gophers and moles away because we are certain there would be some smell of the cats on it, even if we can’t smell it.

Kind of like putting human hair on a garden to keep deer away or using zoo poo to fertilize with to keep all sorts of animals away from your garden.


I was hoping the Ranger was the oldest in our collective circle. Oh well. My FIL drives a 1984 Ford diesel in Alaska , possibly as the original owner, and it’s still going strong. My DH drove it when he was in high school and summers home from college. That was the 2nd oldest vehicle in our collective family circles other than the Ranger. But tell your Dad that he might win the contest. And that if he ever wants to sell that truck, call me…….

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