I tried using that site when I was going to visit my sister to help her with a new baby

We did not book ahead of time because we did not know when the baby was going to be born. It turned out that I was not able to beat the Southwest price even if I took a flight in the middle of the night.

That was several years ago so I don’t know if it would be the same. Since then, I have only tried looking for hotels and rental cars and I can do better by just going directly to the website and using a AAA discount.

Now there’s a darned good idea

How far in advance, and/or how near to travel time, can you bid on them? For instance, can you bid months in advance, or the day prior? I’ll have to look into that the next time we travel. Sure like that idea better than paying full price.

One final idea:

don’t overlook farm auctions as a place to get cars. We recently attended a farm auction where several perfectly roadworthy vehicles were sold in the $500 – $700 range. We scored a $3000-ish tractor for $425. Everyone at that auction went home with some amazing deal. And this is the perfect time of year for such auctions because no one wants to store unnecessary equipment over winter. So, keep an eye out for those – you’re in the perfect part of the country for having a farm or estate auction somewhere within a 2-hr drive of you probably every single weekend.