I did have an 81 Chevy Truck

it had a crated gasoline 350 engine in it. A kid had installed 4″ lifters or whatever they are and had swapped the suspension over to an 88 so it was more sturdy – and I needed a step stool to get into it!!

It had straight pipes so it literally roared up and down the road. I drove it from South Dakota to home and bounced all over the place – it still gives me a terrible attack of the giggles every time I think about it.

It got terrible mpg though, compared to the 84 truck with the 6.2L diesel engine so I sold it.

But it was straight, had never been in an accident and I sold it to a kid who was thrilled to bits to get his dream truck – I called it the Big Green Machine.

I’ve been to the Chupps auction a couple of times and to several in Arkansas and it wasn’t worth the time spent – waaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced. I HAVE noticed that up north the prices are much more reasonable for a LOT of items ranging from vehicles to tractors to livestock etc etc. I have to get my sheep minerals from Minnesota because I can’t source them around here – which is just daft since Oklahoma is the 2nd largest goat producing state next to Texas. I picked up several items in Michigan a few years ago for literally pennies! I was so excited I did a happy little jig on the spot and had the Michiganites thinking I was a loon (perfectly okay with me lol).

Another point of interest, Trailers here in OK are high priced. I’ve looked at trailers with NO floors and rust holding it together and the seller wants $1500 and won’t budge.

Arkansas, on the other hand, I can get a really nice 16 foot bumper stock trailer for around $500 – $1000. (That’s in my business plan to purchase – I try to use just the truck since obviously fuel consumption is much less than pulling a trailer) – if I get a mini hereford I’ll have to have a trailer available though, just in case. So trailer first, then cow and in no rush to get one right now – hopefully my young neighbor will get a cow and it can graze my field and help vacuum up the parasites so my sheep don’t get so hard hit – one reason I HAVE to get my fencing done by the time my pasture is 8 inches high. I need my sheep out there chomping on uninfected pasture (hasn’t been grazed in over 2 years and previous inhabitants were horses).