I want to do as much organic as I can since we know I am chemically sensitive

Stuff like Aspertame can put me in the hospital and nitrates and MSG tend to leave in sick and in pain. I cannot use a lot of detergents like tide and cheer as I break out everytime. So we figure if it is part to get detoxed organic is the way to go or at least for a good part of it. We will be putting gardens in and growing a lot more so even when we are off of the juicing we can still have a good amount of produce.

As for seeds I love seeds. We call the Bakers Creek Catalog seed porn lol. I have a good healthy collection of organic heirloom so will not need to buy any. From time to time I do place an order with Tomato Bobs. Every month they have a collection of .50 packets of seeds. This helps with our abundance of seeds. Until the last 2 years when I started getting sick we used to grow a good amount. Hope to get back to that soon.

I have another project idea for you

As I’m reading about your trivets, for whatever reason, I began thinking about the lazy susan I have. I swiped it from my parents when I moved out into my first place about 30 years ago. Everytime my dad comes over to my house, he compliments me on how nice the lazy susan is (which always seems like a funny thing to compliment someone on, but he’s not the only one to do so). I have to remind him it’s actually his but when they told me to grab some things for my new apartment, this was something they had in storage, so I knew they wouldn’t care if I took it. People like lazy susans. They are useful, and they can be attractive as mine is, and I think it’s a product that would tie in nicely with your coasters and trivets. I also think these would be wonderful sellers year round. Just an idea that popped into my mind reading your last post….

OH come on

I joined this blog a few months ago to try and keep a friend from making a leap into an MLM. This blog has offered me some great advice – get cash loans at RTLoans! Its too bad but I was unable to convince her to not do it. I cant believe people come on here saying NO THIS ONE IS UNIQUE. Give me a break. So now you are a travel agent??????? Just another scam like the rest. What you leave out is all the money you have to put in and all the people you have to sign up to get the great “PERKS”. Perks are given to an individual as an added incentive. Not to be confused with “spend this much and we give you this”!!!!

I usually only lurk as I hope to convince my dear friend that she made a mistake before she loses so much money. I was given great advice here.

Thanks for those that stay and warn others and support others. Why join this blog and come here and lay on the crapola. WE DONT CARE. YOU ARE NOT UNIQUE and neither is your SCAM you are peddling. No one here is going to jump in. We are the smart ones!