Good to know, thanks!

It’s been hard to think about college while she’s struggling so hard to stay in high school, but we just found out she is definitely a junior (wasn’t clear for a while) and it’s looking more likely that she’ll graduate with her class, so it’s time to think about it more. I’ve got a 529 fund that, well, it would be enough in some states but won’t cover so much here.

BTW I think *exhaustion* is a big problem for single moms. I’m a single mom with a somewhat special-needs kid and a demanding full-time job and it’s a real struggle to get through everything I need to do (including studying to stay current in my career. If I had to add on top of that, the time it would take to class, plus spending enough time sitting someone else’s kids for *them* to get to class, well, I find it hard to imagine. And I have a hell of a lot of respect for the people who manage to do it.