I have another project idea for you

As I’m reading about your trivets, for whatever reason, I began thinking about the lazy susan I have. I swiped it from my parents when I moved out into my first place about 30 years ago. Everytime my dad comes over to my house, he compliments me on how nice the lazy susan is (which always seems like a funny thing to compliment someone on, but he’s not the only one to do so). I have to remind him it’s actually his but when they told me to grab some things for my new apartment, this was something they had in storage, so I knew they wouldn’t care if I took it. People like lazy susans. They are useful, and they can be attractive as mine is, and I think it’s a product that would tie in nicely with your coasters and trivets. I also think these would be wonderful sellers year round. Just an idea that popped into my mind reading your last post….