I want to do as much organic as I can since we know I am chemically sensitive

Stuff like Aspertame can put me in the hospital and nitrates and MSG tend to leave in sick and in pain. I cannot use a lot of detergents like tide and cheer as I break out everytime. So we figure if it is part to get detoxed organic is the way to go or at least for a good part of it. We will be putting gardens in and growing a lot more so even when we are off of the juicing we can still have a good amount of produce.

As for seeds I love seeds. We call the Bakers Creek Catalog seed porn lol. I have a good healthy collection of organic heirloom so will not need to buy any. From time to time I do place an order with Tomato Bobs. Every month they have a collection of .50 packets of seeds. This helps with our abundance of seeds. Until the last 2 years when I started getting sick we used to grow a good amount. Hope to get back to that soon.