It has always really bugged me

that organic produce is priced so high as to be out of reach for folks who want, or need, to eat better. One of our ongoing battles here, is to really run a tight ship cost-wise, and really nail down our break-even point, so that we can offer that high quality food, for a price that folks can afford. It’s an ongoing battle, but it’s doable. And we’re definitely not the only ones doing it. I do hope you can find local growers, and/or local buying groups, who can help you get high quality foods, for less than the boutique pricing that you’ll find at the farmers’ markets. Let the folks who can afford to shop there, shop there. I’m positive that with a bit of elbow grease, you (or anyone) can find the same high quality, for a lot less. And of course I applaud your efforts (and anyone’s) to grow as much of your own foods, as you can.