OK, this is me wanting bragging rights

Does anyone on the list have a daily driver older than my ’83 Ranger? If so, what make/model/mileage?
My husband and I are both convinced that WAY older vehicles (say, older than 1985) are dramatically under-rated as reliable vehicles. Somehow a lot of those older vehicles just keep going and going without much more service required than vehicles 20 years newer. So I’m curious if other folks have truly older vehicles, and if so, if they seem to be less trouble than some of the newer ones. Our next vehicle acquisition, according to the current plan, is going to be a 1970’s era flatbed truck so that we can haul more hay. That thing is going to have to be a work animal because it’ll be strictly for farm use, and it’ll have to pay its way. But we have zero interest in going newer than 1980. So now we’re shopping for same, with the blessings of our mechanic. The closest we’ve come so far was a 1956 1 ton flatbed with hydraulic dump feature so that we could use it as a dump truck too. We may yet buy that thing, but we weren’t quite ready to put the $2500 in it at the time. We got skunked on a 1978 Ford commercial-duty flatbed which an acquaintance sold as part of an estate sale for all of $1200. Ouch, we would have loved to come home with that if we’d acted sooner.

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