In Massachusetts UMass/Boston costs $6k/semester and UMass/Amherst costs $12k /semester (although that second number includes room&board)
So four years of UMass/Amherst, in-state tuition, would be well over $100k . I have no idea how much aid we’d be eligible for but aid seems to translate to “grant+loan” and I don’t know if you can take one without the other.

My daughter has some learning difficulties – she is very smart but struggling hugely in school – so it’s likely that she’ll be working and going to college one course at a time. Also because of her learning difficulties, her grades are very poor, so she’s not likely to get any scholarships. But her grades are improving, and it’s clear that her path is going to require a college education. (again, partially because of the learning difficulties, her physical coordination and spatial senses are very poor – this child is not going to be a tradesperson, she’s going to have to make her living with words in some fashion.

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